Vanity Teen - David Bywater by Jared Bautista Spring - Summer 2015
199.99 GBP

Vanity Teen #6 print edition 

For our special issue, Vanity Teen #6, we want to offer our audience, with so much passion, a limited edition.

For all those who have ordered Vanity Teen #6, we announce that it will have a DIN A4 size & 82 pages


Jordan Ver Hoeve by Brent Chua.
Julian Schmidt by M&B Studio
Augustin Lampreia Agent @Success Models, Elvis y Lucas @Mmanagement Models by Estelle Rancurel.
Andreas Praeg (Louisa Models) by Nico Ernst.
Tijn Villanova by Ferry Van Der Nat.
Jared Bautista shoots and more 100% exclusive original content.

*As an exclusive limited edition for collectors, the first numbers have a base price of € 25 and the price will rise as fewer copies are left until the final price raises to € 110 for the last copies.